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Soooo I just got to spin fire in front of 15,000 people and 48 MILLION live viewers in Japan! Mahalo ke akua for this incredible opportunity!!!! And super big mahalos to @kalaleahawaii and all the AMAZING women and men who put in so much work to make this show happen!!!! Not to mention infinite gratitude to #Arashi for choosing us to dance with them! My life is amazing!!!!! 📷: Joe Marquez #arashi #blastinhawaii #arashiblastinhawaii #fire #dance #firedance #嵐 #koolina #arashiusa


By : kaohinani_zoli @ instagram


Best night of my entire life. I cried a lot. I’m crying again, thinking about some particular things. (Also Leader unexpectedly broke down and cried, it was precious and at the same time so very sad and we were all so happy-sad with him, and I couldn’t NOT cry when he was crying.)

It was weird…

I understand the loneliness of going alone, but for this concert I didn’t feel lonely. Like you say so in awe of everything, it’s just incredible.

After seeing another post:

Aiba looks amazing in real life. His face perfect. I swear I was comparing him to GACKT when  I finally  set naked eyes on him. And his arms ( I have a thing for arms) Whooo! So drool worthy

Nino? in real life he’s adorable, smiley wonderful face I just want to squish. He passed over me and that smile was adorable. 

Jun was just suave the whole time. At some point he sat down on the moving stage and so got  really close to the fans. I saw  that mole. He’s really pretty, that jaw line what?

Ohno is an adorable ball of fuff. His face really lit up when he looked at the crowd. His happy makes me happy.

I didn’t get to see Sho that close unfortunately, but what I did see of him is fantastic. Like… Commercial grade fantastic. And his smile… ^_^


So some quick opinions from myself regarding each of the boys during the Arashi concert:

Jun was the most excited and happy to be there. He was totally in his “prince” element and was working the crowd like a well oiled engine. His smile is a lot cuter in person too. Jun feels so much more sweet…


So during their first and only encore they left us all crying on, they were doing the beautiful thank you messages where Ohno ended up crying and everyone, by the mere sound of Ohno’s voice breaking basically drowned in their own flood of tears. I don’t understand a lot of Japanese, so I could…

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